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As the list of adventures grows, so grow the number of places that we've visited. While I definitely recommend reading through all of the trip reports, there may be times when it's simply more efficient to jump to a specific trip, trail, hike, or place based on it's name.

All the Trips, Organized

While the featured destinations give some additional info about exploring a place yourself, there's a lot more out there to see. Check out any trip I've been on, using one of the groups below. This can be a good way to see if I've gone somewhere you're interested in, but didn't create an overview/index for it.

Trips by...



Indexes of Featured Destinations

There are some places that I find myself going back to again and again. Places that are reasonably well known, and great places that I'd recommend exploring. For these places, I've created some standalone indexes that may be of assistance to you on your next adventure.

Featured Destinations



Index of Everything - Places, Trails, and Hikes

Many great places don't have a specific index. The Index of Places, Trails, and Hikes is my attempt to list all of the places I've been. Each place, trail, or hike links to the story of a day in a larger trip report. You'll still need to find the specific trail within that day that you're interested in, but hopefully the process is a bit easier. Note that some road names have been redacted in order to preserve the location.