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An Island in the Sky at the Top of the World (Feb 2021)

When my buddy Ben asked if I wanted to go to the Island District of Canyonlands National Park in order to run the White Rim Trail, I was pretty pumped. While I've been to the other districts - The Maze and The Needles - I've never been to The Island in the Sky, and have always heard about how beautiful it is; some even describe it as the Crown Jewel of the park.

With a plan to meet in Moab on a Thursday just after lunch, I set out on the long drive south Wednesday. My plan was to arrive late, sleep in the next morning, and then make my way into town when Ben and Will showed up.

But as I made my way south I found myself thinking... which is, I admit, dangerous in most cases. I found myself thinking - could I make this trip even more epic? The answer - of course - was yes, yes I could.

This is the way.


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